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Charlie Farnell - Charlie Farnell, was born and raised in California. After earning his BA degree and teaching credential (k-12 all subjects) from Fresno State College, he moved to Washington to escape the crowds and hot weather...click here to read more.

Matthew Farnell - I am very blessed to have been born into a Christian family where I was taught about God at a very early age. My testimony is kind of unique in that I've always known that God loved me, and I don't remember when I first asked Jesus to come into my heart and save me from my sins. My dad remembers it was at Vacation Bible School when...click here to read more.

Christina Farnell - Well...He has led me into a ministry with the elderly people in our community and provided me with a position as secretary in our local Nursing Home/Assisted Living Center. Through this experience I have learned to rely on Him even more and I have also learned and had opportunity to practice many...click here to read more.

Suzanne Farnell - Suzanne Farnell of Woodland, Washington, began studying violin at age 14. She is currently studying with Matt Mandrones, concertmaster of the Southwest Washington Symphony. Suzanne has performed with the Southwest Washington Symphony, Southwest...click here to read more.

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